M e H u N a   M e n s c h   H u n d   N a t u r

Anita Brunner


I grew up on the farm “Schöllen” in Degersheim, Switzerland. After school I graduated as a farmer and then also trained as a gardener. I dreamt of more than just an agricultural existence however – I wished to create a retreat on my farm, so that people needing a Time Out from their lives could come and re-energize in this idyllic spot. After spending five years in America I returned to the family business on the farm and started off by making the necessary changes to produce organic produce. This way of farming aligned much more closely with the harmonious way of co-existing between human, animals and nature that I believe to be right.

The next decade saw me transforming the family business, update facilities to align with best practice animal welfare and initiate projects to provide employment for handicapped people on the farm.

However, by 2011 the way I was working seriously started to take its toll on me. I began to struggle more and more to complete my daily chores. I lost interest in getting up and out in the mornings. Achieving my dream of setting up a recovery retreat seemed to drift further and further away. Finally, it came to the point where I was unfit to do anything. A good friend recommended I let myself be written off sick by my doctor. He pretty much just shook his head when he saw the state of me and it would be fair to say, I’d equally reached a place of despair with myself.

A light seemed to appear at the end of the tunnel however, when a consultant who was treating me recommended I go to an alternative therapy retreat.
This sounded great! But with all the farm duties, I had no idea how it could feasibly work.

Before I was able to concern myself too much though, a friend jumped in and sorted everything. Just a few days later I was checking into the Casa Betulla retreat. Finally, I was able to take some time out!

Just one month later I was full of life once more and feeling strong enough to return to the farm. I looked at a few issues square on. Made a couple of changes. And many problems were resolved. To keep up the good work and to gain greater knowledge around what had happened to me, I decided to complete a Burnout-Prophylaxis Trainer course.

With the encouragement of my teacher, I then got to work on my dream of creating a recovery sanctuary on my family farm. I set about renovating the house and created several beautiful guest suites and a seminar and therapy room.

Why not come on by and take a breather on my farm in order to return to your everyday life feeling recharged and well rested

MeHuNa . Anita Brunner
Schöllen . 9113 Degersheim
+41 (0)77 415 52 85