M e H u N a   M e n s c h   H u n d   N a t u r

MeHuNa is doing a crowd-funding project!

A new roof is urgently needed on the farmhouse. Having this will make it possible for more people to come and visit the farm, in order to connect with themselves and nature in this special location.

The crowd-funding money will be used to fund a new roof on the farmhouse. In the house there are three guest rooms for people visiting in order to recharge in the green surroundings. The farm owner, Anita, has had her fair share of experience with burnout: the relentless work on a farm, as well as several building projects to improve facilities here, have been trying experiences for her. It was to this end that she decided to qualify as a Burnout Prophylaxis Trainer & to transform her home into a retreat to help others. Now she’s asking for your help to keep her dream alive!

A little background story…

My name is Ellie & I came to Switzerland due to a burnout from my corporate job in London. My focus was to learn how to live a healthier, happier life. I found an amazing volunteering program, which sponsored me to help out at an eco-village for one year. There I was given one job: to look after myself.
Being physically and emotionally still in a very fragile way, I had miraculously found a place that allowed me to take the time I needed to get back on my feet - I helped out where I could, at the speed I wanted and was equally able to withdraw whenever my body signaled it needed a break.
Healing so much over the course of this year, but also aware I wasn’t yet ready to take on a job with “normal” working hours again, I decided I would like to stay in Switzerland to continue the good work I’d been doing with myself & benefit from the absolutely spectacular scenery the country has to offer.
Being homeless after my year’s volunteering program was up, a friend put me in touch with Anita - a local lady who had set up a Burnout recovery retreat on her organic farm. She agreed to put me up in one of the guest rooms while I looked for somewhere more permanent to live.
Not accepting any payment for having me there, I began to feel guilty about not earning my keep & as a consequence, was also feeling the lethargy creeping back. No sooner had I confessed these things to Anita, did a seemingly unrelated exchange prove to be the answer to my problem: she confided that her roof was in dire need of repair and that a guest had once told her of a crowd-funding site by the name wemakeit. She had loved the concept, but hadn’t ever taken it any further, due to her farming workload and being somewhat of a technophobe.
I fell in love with the wemakeit philosophy right away - you were able to gift sponsors for their help with your project. Out of nowhere, I was in a position to facilitate a huge gifting cycle by taking on this project: an absolute dream come true for me! So it was with great joy that we jointly set about dreaming up what we would like to gift the many wonderful souls that would be moved to help our cause. We decided we would most like to give people experiences and so set about putting together an offering of thank-you gifts.
Our focus for these were on mindfulness, relaxation & healthy living. We very much hope that you will feel the love and joy that went into creating these gift-ideas & hope that you enjoy them.
The very warmest of greeting from the farm,
Ellie & Anita

MeHuNa . Anita Brunner
Schöllen . 9113 Degersheim
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