M e H u N a   M e n s c h   H u n d   N a t u r

Discover your senses

Discover what’s inside yourself ... because this way, you just get to enjoy life so much more!

• Activate your own healing powers: your illnesses often have a meaning
• How can there be peace in the world, when there’s a war raging inside you?
• Free yourself from victim-thinking and become present in the here and now
• Balance your inner world
• In the silence and the peace of resting in the present moment we are able to come into contact with our higher selves

Vitality for mind, body and soul

• Workshops/courses/seminars
• Digital detox – sense the stillness
• Walks in nature
• Natural energetics
• Communication: person - person / person - animal
• Meditation courses
• Qi Gong
• Sound massage
• Yoga courses

MeHuNa . Anita Brunner
Schöllen . 9113 Degersheim
+41 (0)77 415 52 85